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Healing Collection

More than a highlighter. Made with organic coconut oil and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid for maximum penetration, for a dewy look. And a sun kissed effect. Natural.

Summer is here and you deserve to shine. Like a diamond. Sustainable, with a short ingredient list. For a better you. 

Made in Spain with organic ingredients

Did you know that your skin and hair absorb up to 60% of the ingredients in the products that you use daily on your body?

Reborn understands and appreciates the science, that’s why we have infused our products with natural and organic ingredients that promote healthy eyelashes, and reduce harmful chemicals absorbed by your skin and hair follicles. 

Reborn understands and appreciates the science, that’s why we have infused our mascara with natural and organic ingredients
Máscara de pestañas natural con extractos de plantas e ingredientes orgánicos.
Natural mascara

Healing Collection

Tired of losing lashes when removing your makeup? Want healthier, longer and fuller lashes? We offer a natural alternative that feeds your lashes that is clump free.

Our natural mascara will give your eyelashes volume, hydration and length thanks to its exclusive formula infused with plant extracts and organic ingredients. Free from irritating agents that damage your eyes or skin.

Natural makeup infused with organic ingredients

Natural makeup infused with organic ingredients

Natural makeup infused with organic ingredients

Natural mascara black woman paraben free

This might sound familiar...

Pandas, raccoons, you… which one is the odd one out? 🐼 🐻‍❄️ After a hard day wearing makeup, you wouldn’t blame anyone for getting confused. What if there was another way…let me paint you a picture.

Your day starts well, the coffee shop had your order ready before you got there, but this is where the good luck ends. You get to work and have to go from meeting to meeting with barely any break and not even getting a chance to read your to do list, let alone tick things off 🤯

The day finishes, because you are exhausted, you want to just go home and relax on the sofa. That’s when THAT email comes in from your boss marked urgent 🆘

The night with friends will have to wait. You are late, you have 10mins to freshen up and get back into to town… ⏳

… you look in the mirror, you’re shocked, the usual dark circles, clumps around your lashes and running mascara is not there. Instead you have a fresh, deep and captivating look ✨ Your eyes look as fresh as they were this morning. You won’t be late after all, you get to the bar, everyone is amazed, they can’t stop complimenting your eyes 🍃

You sit back, relax, and finally you can think about how hard the day was, but damn you looked good! 🌸

Time to remove your makeup. Your eyes no longer itch, they are not irritated, your eyelids do not swell 🌿 What’s the best feeling? Your mascara washes off like water. Very easy. The cotton does not have eyelashes that have fallen out when you remove your makeup. The skin around your eyes is smoother than a few months ago. You no longer have to rub heavily to remove the mascara. You have almost no wrinkles. Welcome to Reborn ♡


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Our small steps today make a big difference tomorrow

We are working closely with the Helping Hands initiative run by Globalteer Charity. This special project focuses on educating children and young adults in Cambodia to give them the tools to take positive steps outside of poverty. Learning how to write is a privilege for some. Today’s help is tomorrow’s future. 

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