Our Mission and Vision


We want to give our customers the opportunity to feel the benefits of healthy cosmetics by combining century old herbal medicines with new innovative natural ingredients. We strive to create products that have never been seen in today’s world to enhance beauty and health together.

Our mission is to reconnect people with their unique inner beauty by using simple techniques and natural, high quality products.

The Reborn movement pushes the limits of traditional makeup and challenges customers to think not only about the future of their bodies but also the future of their environment.

chemicals go into your body daily
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of daily chemicals consumed is absorbed by your skin
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Natural ingredients
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Toxic Makeup

Our Goals

Our aim is to work on a cosmetics brand available to everyone no matter gender, race or religion. A brand where you can reconnect with your inner self though natural makeup.
Green Logistics. Our goal is to partner with a delivery organisation that can identify and reduce emissions to make the planet habitable for the next generations.
Expand by creating jobs and industry in local communities through opening physical stores, starting in Spain and the UK.
To be Continued...
We are Reborn together project. Through your support Reborn would like to raise enough so that one student from the Helping Hands initiative can attend university for a whole year.
We want to provide a diverse range of ethical, sustainable and premium cosmetic products that take care of your health and beauty now and for the future.
Reduce plastic pollution. We want to help reduce plastic pollution by choosing providers that can offer recycled materials for our packaging as well as sustainable materials.
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