Discover your identity through makeup


Discover your identity through makeup

In today’s post we had the pleasure of having a virtual interview with one of the most talented and contemporary artists coming out of Spain, but also, probably the most versatile person on earth! We have penned the interview below for your education, but also for you enjoyment. Discover your identity through makeup.

Please give a round of applause to our guest Pedro “Rushy Rush”! 🙂 

Hi there! A person that is starting to need no introduction, but for some that do not know you YET, let me introduce just a few of the talents you have honed over the last few years. We know you are talented, and very gifted. You love makeup, you have your own taste when it comes to music and, most importantly, you sing, rap and dance. We also know that you produce your own music videos as well! You have been working as an English teacher, flight attendant and many others….Please tell us more, what’s your story?… 🙂

My name is Rushy Rush, I am 28 years old and I am a multidisciplinary artist. 

I’ve worked literally everywhere and 4 years ago I decided I wanted to take a chance on my artistry. I have invested all my time, money and effort on my music and music videos, my web-series as well as my makeup, haha! 

I would like to mention something interesting about me: As a rapper who happens to be gay, I have found many difficulties to be taken seriously. 

It might be the fact that I rap in full drag, or my old school boombap sound while having makeup on or the fact that I love comedy/entertainment and I do not look like any of the stereotypical rappers we know. 

Whatever the reason may be, I won’t stop. I am not willing to fit in or switch my style just to be liked by a few. I am here to do me, accomplish my mission and evolve as an artist and human being. Keep it real. Stay true to yourself. Keep pushing. Respect yourself. Grow. Be grateful. There’s no such thing as failure. If it didn’t happen, b*tch! That wasn’t for you, stop wasting your time. Move on. Learn.

Wow, you really have done what so many are trying to, a huge respect for stepping out of the comfort bubble of yourself but also of society, no doubt you are already a role models to so many!

You have mentioned that you have found many difficulties in terms of being taken seriously by society. I know that you like wearing makeup for your performances and sometimes even for your daily routine, I guess in order to get inspiration for your videos. 

Have you experienced any bullying wearing makeup?

I am not sure if I can call it bullying because nobody has intentionally attacked me. However, I have heard insults, people laughing, pointing at me, I’ve been called names and I even saw a group of teenagers pretending they were gagging in the worst way possible because of my “abominable” presence.

But again, I don’t know if I can call it bullying. At the end of the day, these people were shouting out loud and, at that time, I chose to listen. I am very aware when I am in full drag, therefore I pay attention. I do not care about comments or people, but I pay close attention. It’s fun.

Something that really hurts is women insulting me or laughing at me. I still don’t get it.

As a man who likes to perform with his makeup on, and who feels fierce by doing so, what are some of the challenges that you face when buying makeup? 

Buying makeup is simple. However, I’ve travelled a lot and I’ve been to many makeup stores around the world. New York and London were the best to be honest.

In other cities, such as Cordoba, where I reside, I have been asked if it is a gift, who is the foundation or concealer for, isn’t pink too girly?, I’ve been looked at very weird when trying highlighters on (before Covid, of course :P) or when asking about lashes and lipsticks. 

I grew thick skin when I discovered I wanted to get into makeup. It’s just a normal act for me.

We know you are very creative as well as a “multidisciplinary artist”, how do you tell your story through your makeup?

The best part about makeup is the fact that there are no rules. You are free to create whatever you want.

I tend to create very angled, cat eye makeup looks. Since I do not wear makeup on a daily basis, so when I do, I make sure it’s a performance to remember! 

This way, you feel so fierce and beautiful, you have no insecurities whatsoever when you walk down the street after three hours getting ready. Deep inside, I am me, but makeup helps recreating that world that shelters me when there is nowhere to go to.

I love to create the impression that I am untouchable, a deity, I step into my world and there’s no way back. It kind of sucks when your favorite tune is blasting on your ears, your wig is immaculate and, all of a sudden, you have to stop to say hello to someone in the street. I’ll give you a tip. Leave your glasses or contact lenses at home, look ahead and turn the music louder and just own it. 

If it is a fantasy world that you must create to feel comfortable, then, you go girl! Enjoy your fantasy world.

Fantasy is always a good choice Pedro! In terms of wearing your wig and creating that sense of “there is no way back”, what does makeup mean for you and your daily lifestyle? 

Makeup is an awesome way to enhance your natural beauty. Makeup is for you, and nobody else. As I said, I do not wear makeup on a daily basis but some days I wake up and I feel like highlighting my cheekbones, or I want to see my eyelashes raise to the top or I want to put a gloss on. 

Makeup is a great way to discover who you are, what you like and, in many cases, to create art.

We all love to look and feel good, and if you want or need makeup to do so, by all means. That is my opinion on makeup. We live in a society full of taboos and boundaries. Girl, bye.

Discovering ones’ identity is not an easy task… so well done on starting that path. So, what helped you in accepting your true identity and what advice would you give someone that is trying to find their true identity?

Spending time alone really helped me. Trying new things and following my instinct and my gut.

I’ve realized many of my fears were in my head. Self-implemented. We are walking traumas even if we force ourselves to deny so. 

It is our duty to overcome such fears. It is our task to work on ourselves, our mental health and our healing process. We live in a society where we are judged 24/7. I have judged people myself. I am included in that group of people. 

We stop following our dreams because we have been told we will never make it. As a consequence, we give up because we have been told our plans are impossible. We constantly make excuses and struggle with our lives because we can’t step out of the box. We need to follow patterns, established paths, paces which don’t represent who we are and our capabilities and yet we wonder why aren’t we evolving?

You are always going to be the crazy one in your group, until you make it. Once you make it, everyone will make sure they let everyone know that they know you!

If you are reading this and you are struggling, keep going. It may sound cliché but it gets better. People are going to love you and hate you no matter what. You only live once and, believe me, time flies. I’d rather say “oops… my bad”, rather than saying “I should have…”. Believe in yourself. Respect yourself. Work hard and smart. Limit your circle and take care of your energy. Do you. Be self-aware but do not hate what you do or have done. Change what doesn’t feel right as long as it is in your hands to do so. 

Rushy, what can I say, firstly thank you so much for sharing your story and your trials and tribulations. And secondly, we love your positivity. At Reborn our goal is to create a community of positivity that alters your perspective of your your inner beauty and really empahsises you as a person. You are an amazing Role model and we wish you all the best for the future, we have no doubt you are going to crush it! Cannot wait to see your new song! 

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