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The Helping Hands project run by Globalteer Charity is a special project that focuses on educating children and young adults in Cambodia to give them the tools to take positive steps outside of poverty. Children in Cambodia are able to attend a half day of free education on the condition that they can equip themselves with a uniform and stationery. 

Unfortunately for many families in the rural areas of Cambodia, these luxuries are far out of grasp. The Helping Hands program starts by providing these small gifts in exchange for the children’s commitment to not only attend the government free schooling for the first half of the day, but also attend the Helping Hands’ classes in the afternoon. 

This small helping hand in the beginning does not lay everything out on a plate for the children, but instead lays the first stepping stone and educates the children to lay their own after that.

How is it done?

The curriculum that the Helping Hands school employs complements and fills in the gaps of the free education. It focuses on 5 key areas:​​

Education – A core curriculum focusing on the knowledge and skills to succeed both professionally and personally

Social Care – Maintaining trusting relationships with our students and their families through our dedicated Social Workers.

Child Safety – Preparing children of Rural Cambodia for the world that exists outside of the 4 walls of the classroom and home, through Child Protection Policy

Health and nutrition – including an Organic garden where children can learn the benefits of organic and nutritious foods. The garden provides fruits and vegetables for the whole school

Sports – Empowering the children with new skills required in building confidence and finding ways to face challenges, assert their rights and voice their opinions through the Sports Programme

The school has been running for 10 years and has been an integral part to the development of the area. It is the only reason that children in the rural area around Siem Reap have had the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

We often take for granted the luxuries that we have on a day to day basis. The Helping Hands initiative shows us that charity is not just about giving a person what they want, but actually about teaching people and communities about life and learning, so they can blossom and become part of the movement to help out those around them.

Why Globalteer?

We first came across Globalteer whilst volunteering at one of their initiatives in Peru, a project based in the Amazon that worked directly with trafficked and unwanted pets.

These included all types of monkeys, a toucan, and even a sloth. Working with the team out in Peru opened our eyes to other side of the world, outside our usual bubbles. 

We could see and feel first hand the emotions of the project leaders, other volunteers and even the animals when they were shown unconditional love and support to help make things better. 

This was the first step in wanting to build a brand that not only helped people directly, but also indirectly too!

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How can you help?

To help promote the fantastic work the team are doing in Cambodia, we have partnered with Globalteer to give back and to offer our helping hand. With each unit sold from Reborn a percentage will go directly to the Helping Hands initiative. We have set ourself some goals below – and we hope you can help us reach them.


100 Mascaras sold – 5 Students will be able to receive the “Full Package” for a month, including Education, Nutritious breakfasts and health and social care

500 Mascaras sold – would pay for a nutritious breakfast for all 300+ students

750 Mascaras sold – would pay for emergency care for 24 students if they needed to go to the hospital

1000 Mascaras sold – would be enough to cover the cost of 2 teachers salary for one month

Customers will also have an opportunity to donate additional should they wish – to learn more about the initiative, please click here to see their 2019 update!
If you’d like to influence change and are also moved by the Helping Hands initiative, you have the choice to donate additional when purchasing any of Reborn products at our online checkout.​

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