Going Organic: The Power of Patience in Skincare

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Going Organic: The Power of Patience in Skincare

A few weeks ago, not long before Christmas, I had an acne breakout that I hadn’t had for years. The first thing that came to my mind was that it obviously made sense because I was doing a detox diet for a week, and my body had to get rid of the toxins somehow. The acne on my face was increasing day by day in a considerable manner, and I had two new spots (white and with pus) on my face everyday. I’m going to tell you why going organic and the power of patience in skincare will save your life.

This shouldn’t have affected me so much emotionally if it didn’t happen just before Christmas, and so close to all the client events’ and friends’ meetings that I had arranged. Of course, and without any doubt I would’ve preferred to have it at another time of the year when I’m more chilled you know… However, I always try to learn from every single situation I go through, and today I’m gonna share with you why I’m grateful I had an acne breakout just before Christmas. 

The first day was indescribable, honestly… it was like a tornado that had hit my face. What was my first reaction? Blame the diet. I literally thought: “I’m just eating organic fruits and vegetables to detox my body so the dirty has to come out from somewhere”.

The second day was brutal. I really hoped it calmed down, but nope it didn’t. That didn’t happen at all. It really went worse. Even I got scared and I thought “for sure I must be allergic to lettuce, tomato or any ingredient that’s not good for my digestive system… this is not normal!”. 

How Patience Can Improve Your Beauty Routine

I live in south west London, and I decided to go to a pharmacy because many of them have a private consultation room. As soon as I got there, I saw an incredibly beautiful lady, Asiatic face features, with such a beautiful and glowing skin. I thought: “I’m wondering what’s her secret to have such an incredible skin… I’m just gonna ask her, I’m sure she’ll give me useful advice”.

The first thing she said was: “have you recently done anything to your skin like a facial or peeling or something?”. And that’s when I realised that a bit more than a week before, I had a facial in South Africa. We spent a beautiful week in Cape Town for a friend’s wedding. 

I quickly said to her: “Yes, I had a facial no more than two weeks ago, what shall I do to get rid of this breakout?”. “You’ve got two options” she answered with a smile on her face “either you take these pills to make it disappear faster, or you can be patient and let it go by itself. It’ll literally be a matter of days. I recommend you don’t touch your skin and continue with your normal beauty routine. Don’t do anything new and let your skin heal.”

I literally put my hands on my head. “Fight against my worse enemy!” I thought “My impatience”. Obviously I truly considered taking those pills and getting rid of the problem quickly, but soon I was able to get that thought off my mind, and decided to be patient. I decided to control my emotions. 

I think that patience is a virtue that I don’t particularly have, but I’m focusing on mastering it little by little. Let nature take its course. And I couldn’t have said it better myself, let nature take its course… because every beauty product I use is natural and organic, and the one thing you need when you switch to organic and natural products is PATIENCE. Again, and sorry for being insistent with this statement, but when going organic: the power of patience in skincare is pivotal.

I’m not gonna deny that I often feel like using those magic and miraculous creams to get quicker solutions. Those that make your spots disappear in 24 hours, or those that make your skin look like marble instantly. The least appealing thing about these last two options is that I’ve learned that quick fixes mean long term problems especially in cosmetics. 

I have tried and used all kinds of cosmetic products since I was 14 years old. Those that make miracles in your hair and skin… Magic mascaras with all sorts of wands, sizes and colours, lip glosses and balms with every sort of miraculous ingredient that promise soft and plump lips, and a result like Angelina Jolies’ beautiful lips, but… what has been the result I got so far? Well, for me it meant losing eyelashes, uneven and greasy skin, dry chapped lips, and a long etcetera that affected both my physical appearance and my inner health… more than I could have ever imagined. 

What’s the point of using a product that makes your skin look even and perfect instantly if when you stop using it your skin looks considerably worse? That was one of the many conclusions I got throughout my beauty experience. And of course, everything we consume affects and disrupts our endocrine system. But that’s another topic of conversation that we can leave for another day.

Patience Pays Off: The Importance of Patience with Organic Skincare

It was when I decided to become patient, and started trying natural and organic cosmetics little by little, that I saw a massive positive effect on me. And the most amazing bit? That it wasn’t just my skin or my lashes that improved enormously… but also my hair, my food intake and most importantly, my inner being. 

I discovered that one thing takes you to another and it’s like a cycle of cause and effect. Everything is a matter of consciousness. It is not about changing who you are from one day to another, but about being honest with yourself and practice healthy habits little by little. It’s about awakening your inner self and the natural essence we all have. That’s the reason why when going organic, the power of patience in skincare makes sense.

So coming back to the situation with my skin a few weeks ago… patience is something that always wins, and the results I got from it where the expected ones. I continued with my normal skincare routine: double cleansing to remove my makeup, vitamin C serum to hydrate and make my skin glow, combined with Reborn Skin-Positive face cream with 30 spf. The result? A clean skin, luminous and healthy. Without filters. You can see my skin’s evolution below. 

**Please note that the pictures do not have any filter and are not retouched.

You can have a healthy skin and that doesn’t mean that it needs to be flawless, or even perfect all the time. I’d say that it’s practically impossible to have a skin that’s 100% even, glowing and without any imperfection 24/7 every day of the year. And more than impossible, it’s anti-natural. 

The result of a conscious beauty routine, with patience and self-love. Because what is born in the inside we always reflect in the outside. You are what you consume and the only proof of value that you will ever have is trying this out by yourself. Feel free to send us an email to info@rebornaura.com and tell us more about your beauty routine. We are happy to help you plan your beauty routine in a conscious way!

Going organic: the power of patience in skincare

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