Harmful ingredients in your mascara


Harmful ingredients in your mascara

Red itchy eyes? Endless seasonal eye allergies? These harmful ingredients could be the reason why…

It may not always be due to the weather, these harmful ingredients in your mascara could be the reason!

Our eyes are one of the most important parts of our body, 1 of our 5 keys senses. The eye is connected to our brain via the optic nerve, the optic nerve’s role is to transmit visual information from the eye to the brain.

We use our eyes to see, to discover, to help our understanding of people, to get a sense of a non-verbal cues as well as being able to take in the wider “picture” and better understand the world around us. 

Eyes are important not only because they play a crucial role in our daily life but also because they give our faces an expression, allowing us to speak without even saying a word.

Some say, our eyes are the mirror of our souls!! With this is mind, we should be taking better care of them 🙂 

Eyelashes are a key part to our eyes.

If we go back to the “Lashes of Ancient Egypt”, we have loads of examples of how both men and women used to style their lashes to protect their eyes from the sun´s harmful rays.

Moving forward in time, most women in the Ancient Rome used burnt cork and kohl to make their lashes darker! The first mascara was developed in the Victorian Era, by Eugene Rimmel, Queen Victoria´s perfumer. It was made of coal dust and vaseline.

All this has led to a point in time where a driving beauty trend is our strong wishes to have ever long and lasting eyelashes!

We are all dying to have the perfect curled look and we go to beauty retailers hoping to find a product that promises us “the bigger, the better” look. 

The truth is that we all want to be pretty and have the most erotic blink ever. True, true and true!

The reality is that products that claim to make miracles in a day or two, can give you results that work for you short term but bring long term health issues such as inflammation, redness or dermatitis that can even result in loss of eye sight.

This is due to the endless list of chemicals they contain.

Your eyelashes are there to protect your eyes, why are we feeding them with such harmful chemicals? Is that the love you are going to give to one of the most important parts of your body?

That’s why patience is one of your best friends when it comes to applying natural cosmetics and seeing the result. For any kind of beauty product, even for eye mascara, your body still needs to adapt to it.

Your organism is a living entity, so in order to accept what you are giving it, it needs time to digest the ingredients you are putting into it. 

Natural mascaras are an interesting one. Everything depends on their formula and how “natural” they are.

If you are using a mascara that claims to be natural, dries off too quickly and it’s waterproof, there is something not quite right. Houston, we have a problem.

Natural mascaras, are usually liquid because of the lack of harsh chemicals, parabens and harmful agents that can give you long term headache including health issues.

This lack of harmful chemicals is boosted by natural ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, that refresh, hydrate and lengthen your lashes for the long term. A small price to pay for healthier looking eyes.

Harmful ingredients to avoid

Our recommendation: always read the labels…! Especially the ingredient list so that you can avoid harmful chemical such as:

  • Thimerosal, a mercury based ingredient
  • Coal Tar Dyes – labelled as “Aminphenol, Diaminodenzene or Phenylenediamine”
  • Aluminium Powder
  • Formaldehyde
  • Vitamin A Acetate
  • BHA or BHT 

Remember, there are millions of tiny pores absorbing the ton of chemicals that sit around your eyes daily. The choice is yours!

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