Holistic beauty and ego: a cleansing ritual for this buck full moon.

Holistic beauty and ego: a cleansing ritual for this buck full moon.

From the moment we’re born until we die, we’re in a constant process of change and learning. The first years of our lives are when the elasticity of our brains is at its peak; it’s like constantly being born and Reborn. During these years, we not only absorb everything our parents teach us but also unconsciously learn what they “don’t teach us.” That’s when our inner voice begins to form. It’s inevitable. It’s all about holistic beauty and ego: being Reborn again.

As the years go by, that inner voice takes shape, and its job is to keep us in a safe place, what we call our comfort zone. And this happens almost unconsciously. It’s like an operating system with which we are born, and with which we process and interpret the information that reaches our internal software (or, in other words, our mind: the cognitive system).

There are various types of inner voices, but the one I refer to in this text, which influences our beauty, is called the ego.

Ego helps us grow and shape our reality

We often misinterpret the concept of ego because we perceive it as something bad and harmful to our being. No one is born knowing, and experience is what gives us information to interpret what is happening to us, what we feel, and to know ourselves better. Having an ego is not bad. Having an ego is natural; it’s part of our mechanism as human beings. However, based on my experience, not knowing how to manage the ego is what has always made me think about what I’m about to tell you.

We’re constantly exposed to hundreds of thousands of opinions, criticisms, judgements, and situations to which our ego reacts to keep us in our comfort zone. Its function is to prevent the unknown from entering our internal mechanism to avoid harm. The challenge here is to control how we react to what we don’t know, which is why unconsciously our inner voice constantly wants to protect us. It’s a self-defence mechanism that we all have. 

Dealing with yourself takes time

Personally, I’ve experienced countless situations where my ego has played tricks on me. I have felt vulnerable, thinking it was wrong to feel in a certain way at certain moments in my life… I have also felt rejected, thinking I wasn’t good enough, and I have even felt physically unhappy without even knowing where those feelings and emotions were coming from.

But has anyone ever felt that way and thought, “What a wonderful feeling…?”. I have yet to meet anyone who has shared that with me… We must allow ourselves to let go and acknowledge becoming more aware.

That’s why I’ve learned, after all these years, that getting to know myself in a more intimate way and developing a closer relationship with my inner self is crucial to progress and achieving goals. Leaving my ego behind, becoming Reborn and practising holistic beauty from an awareness point of view has made me see life differently.

“The truth about you is this:

You are not “inferior”

You are not “superior”

You are simply “You”.”

― Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics

Experience is what matters

Another thing I’ve learned is how to control how I felt after being exposed to the opinions of others, especially during moments when my energy was at its lowest. Because, in reality, those opinions are also shaped by other egos. Inner voices that we don’t really know how they were formed or what experiences they have had in depth.

What I mean by this is that, naturally and involuntarily, we’re constantly exposed to those around us, their beliefs and reactions, their emotions and fears, their failures and traumas. And it affects us unconsciously. We expose ourselves to other egos and those feed ours. It’s like being in a constant battle inside a vicious circle.

We self-sabotage ourselves unconsciously and therefore continue to stay in our comfort zone without even realizing it. We distance ourselves from our highest version, and choose to comfortably remain in our own shelter, instead of going for what we really want. This is why when we look at things from a holistic beauty perspective, we tend to leave our egos behind and become reborn in key areas of life.

Our operating system is sacred

Think about it, if the man in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave had never left the cave, he’d have never seen the sunlight. He’d have always believed that the only thing capable of illuminating his life was the fire he built himself inside the cave. If he had never left that cave, he’d have always lived believing that the shadows he saw inside the cave were real and not a mere illusion and reflection of his own ego.

That’s why there are two main things that I’ve learned that have changed the way I talk to myself in many ways: distinguishing who is speaking to us and how they speak to us, and carefully accepting the information we consume and allow to enter inside our operating system. 

For example, tell me if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you want to do something, you really feel like it, you know it’s the right thing to do, but your inner voice is telling you that it’ll be bad for you, and you feel resistance to take action because you believe it will destroy you.

Who have you talked to about the issue? Has that person been through the same thing? If they have experienced the same thing, has it been good or bad? This is where we must consider that the information you are receiving, and unconsciously accepting to consume, is probably the result of the past fears of the person you’re talking to.

That doesn’t mean you have to go through the same thing. This can be applied to the goals we set in life, dreams to fulfill, romantic relationships, and, in summary, to all areas that shape our present and our future.

Let me tell you a classic…

The other day, I was talking to a friend about a very common topic that always lingers in our minds at some point in our lives: you like someone, and you don’t know what to do. It’s a complicated situation, and your inner voice or others’ are telling you, “Stay away; it will bring you problems.”. What a classic. 

That “stay away; it will bring you problems” is based on past experiences, probably traumatic ones that didn’t turn out well. It is “protecting” us from suffering. But… what if what would actually happen if you really tried wouldn’t be related to pain at all whatsoever? What if what would happen is that life is testing you to reach your goal, and the universe is putting this in your path to keep moving forward? All experiences and circumstances are different, and therefore, not all results are always the same.

My friend and I also talked about dreams and aspirations. Fulfilling goals in life. Ambitions. Sharing your personal goals with people who don’t share your way of living life and have a different paradigm to yours will 100% hold you back. A lot. You are the energy you surround yourself with; you are what you consume, internally and externally. But.. what’s the relationship between ego, holistic beauty and being Reborn?

Sharing your thoughts with the unknown

How many times have I shared my ambitions with someone, and the energy of that person I was talking to has bounced back at me in a way that made me feel bad about what I was saying?

My goal has always been to achieve great things in life, to move mountains to accomplish my purpose. I want to make Reborn a lifestyle, help people like you make healthy choices, live in the present consciously, and avoid long-term health problems. The energy that bounces back is a reflection of the fears of the person you’re talking to. And it’s you who decides whether it enters in your energetic field or not. 

How many times have I seen strange faces, surprise, and heard phrases like, “I feel overwhelmed just listening to you” or “but wait, who can afford those prices?” or “that’s too expensive, I don’t see it.” “I support you, but…” What comes after the “but” is always the truth. The subject is usually the polite way to camouflage the predicate.

We think we have complete autonomy to decide how to act, but that’s not the case if we don’t know how to differentiate the information we receive and how we react to it. That’s why thinking of holistic beauty and ego when thinking about being Reborn in life again plays a crucial role.

And now that you’ve made it this far, you might be wondering, what does this have to do with beauty? Well, I dare to tell you that this inner voice is also part of our beauty. Our ego is beautiful. And that’s why our physical appearance (or the hardware with which we protect our energy) becomes affected when things inside us are not going well.

You are what you consume

Everything we process internally reflects externally. And that’s why holistic beauty is a medley of everything we mentally and physically consume. What’s the point in eating organic food if we’re going to spend the whole day sad and worried about what others will think of us?

What’s the point in doing exercise and take care of ourselves with quality products if our thoughts are negative, and we constantly live in the past? The secret lies in achieving that balance: Practising conscious holistic beauty. Holistic beauty teaches us to leave our ego behind and being Reborn again is a matter of practising.

I hope you liked this full moon reflection. I invite you to practice a cleansing awareness ritual to go over your most inner and deep feelings. A moon that serves us to let go and be more aware of ourselves. To accept who we are and what we are. To value ourselves and radiate that vibration of self-love to keep moving forward. We are in constant evolution, and this is one of the best parts of life.

“The measure of mental health is the disposition to find good everywhere”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Marta Jiménez, 

CEO and Founder of Reborn Aura

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