Let’s bet everything on red

Let’s bet everything on red

Do you want to wear red lipstick? What part of your face do you want to highlight today? Which of your qualities do you want to get the most out of?

It is true that it’s very important to always feel beautiful when going out, as we emit the energy we feel. The aura that emerges from your being does not only have to do with your physical presence, but with what you eat, read, wear and of course the makeup you apply.

Elle, Vogue, London School of Fashion and many other fashion references have already commented on several occasions on the importance of knowing how to combine your outfit with the makeup you are going to wear that day. There is no need to get complicated, and the good thing is always to use the basics (yes, the basics that never go out of style).

In this article we discuss the details of wearing red lipstick. We all know that wearing red lipstick brings out more of the passion in your personality, but it will depend on our outfit if the final touch will be categorized as passionate or similar to a Christmas ornament.

I want to wear red lips, where do I start?

It is important to note that we are using a vivid color that will need contrasts or neutral tones to stand out. Simplicity is the key. Use neutral and white tones to give it a more chic touch. Add a scarf-like accessory and even pashmina of the same shade of the lipstick, whether a solid colour or with prints. The whole combination will depend on the occasion itself. Going to have a coffee with some friends is not the same as attending a work event or a gala dinner. But do not worry, for all these occasions you can use red lipstick. You just have to know how to combine it. If, what you are going to do is go for a coffee or wine with some friends, you will always have the option of jeans and a loose white basic blouse with your red lipstick to give it the casual touch of passion. Don’t forget about the sailor-style option (e.g. traditional blue and white stripes) great for a casual coffee. Change the jeans for white pants with a blaizer of the same hue (white or neutral) and add a bag that has the same shade of red. Et Voilá! Ready to go to that event, give a happy touch to your soul.

If you want to find out what you can do to increase the elegance and get ready for that dinner, date or formal event, we will focus on this secret in our next post. Why? Because there is more variety here and even more you can play with…

Anyway, it is said that there are no universal rules to combine makeup with your outfit, but there is nothing like choosing a good or the right accessory, whether it be a choker, earrings or shoes that match your lipstick. In short, find out what effect you desire and work backwards. So, what is your goal?

Every time we go out to the street we gamble. Imagine that you are in the casino and bet everything on red. And when we refer to red, we mean only RED. The first rule that will not fail you is to give prominence only and exclusively to the color of your lipstick so that what stands out is exactly that, your beautiful red lips. You will have more prominence without ornamentation. Bet on nudes and that way everyone will be drawn to the passion exuberating from your lips. Avoid mixing and adding bright and strong colors in a single bet (outsift/style); you dont want to look like your stepped out an over the top theatre show or straight out of georgian era like pride and prejudice!

Wear your lips hard, and leave your outfit soft. To finish off, have you noticed that we have not mentioned another point of makeup that was not the red lipstick? Exactly, because we are in love with red and nothing but red. Let the the attention be drawn in by your vibrant lips and complememt this perfectly with allowing your eyes to pop as soon as the attention strays from your lips. Try Reborn Healing Mascara as your lipsticks partner in crime. Give your look a natural touch and leave the Rock & Roll for your lips.

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